Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How To Score A+ in Chemistry SPM

You should start revising each and every chapter in the syllabus now.
How? Follow these tips:
1. Master basic but important concept
2. Memorize important facts and processes
3. Practise past-year SPM papers
4. Practise all trial papers
5. Useful information and guideline

Master basic but important concepts top

  • You must at least know how to write correct chemical/ionic/half equation, do simple calculation and understand basic chemical concept likes Mole Concept.
  • Note that there are only a few types of calculations in Chemistry, so please master all the calculations.
  • Try to learn them yourselves reading the reference books first. If you really couldn’t understand them, you should seek help from your class teacher.
Memorize important facts and processes top

  • Memorize the colours of chemical substances, understand the
    salt preparation process…
  • It works effectively although some might argue that memorizing
    facts is the wrong way of learning.
  • However, I strongly recommend you to understand each concept
    and fact before you start memorizing them.
  • Learning Chemistry becomes more exciting and enjoyable using
    this method.
Salt ; Carbon compound ; Chemical reaction ; Chemical formula ; Nuemonic
Practise past-year SPM papers top

  • Past-year SPM questions will repeat from time to time because of the limited scope covered in SPM Chemistry syllabus.
  • Practice makes perfect. Try every question and learn from your mistakes
  • For essay questions, get the marking schema from your teachers so that you can see how the marks are allocated and which points or keywords deserve full mark, etc.
Practise all trial papers top
  • You can either exchange SPM trial papers with your friends
    from other states or get them online through certain websites.
  • Try Maktab Rendah Sains Mara (MRSM) SPM trial papers too!
  • Sometimes, one or more exact or similar questions will come out in the actual SPM Chemistry paper.
  • After SPM trial examinations, try to get other states’
    SPM trial papers and practise them.
Some useful information and guideline that you should have in preparing yourself for Chemistry SPM.top
  • CHECKLIST FOR SCORING GRADE A+ IN CHEMISTRY SPM (Program Intervensi Chemistry 2007)
  • List of important command/task words, with examples
    (Program Intervensi Chemistry 2007)
    The words used in examination questions often indicate what sort of answers
    are expected.
  • Common mistakes made by candidates AND Answering Techniques
    There are only a few types of calculations in Chemistry SPM, you can master
    all the calculations by doing more practice.

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